Presidentís Message

Dear Friends,

takes a dedicated commitment by many individuals to provide a second chance at childhood for children in foster care. I would like to share a note I received from a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) working with one of our youth. 
staff rose to the occasion and worked tirelessly to try to get him on the right path.”
For 140 years the Board of Child Care has practiced patience, love and care while helping our youngsters transform themselves into productive citizens. From those who grew up at Kelso, Strawbridge and Swartzell to the now over 1,000 youth in our program, we remain steadfastly committed to our legacy of excellence and pride in our work.
We are very fortunate to have had so many individuals, community groups, church congregations, businesses, vendors, and the Auxiliary who partnered with us over our rich 140-year history.  It is because of you that we can provide so many extras for our children and youth during their time at BCC, and it is because of you that we will continue to be successful in 2014 and beyond.  

Blessings to you and your family.

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Thomas L. Curcio

President & CEO

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